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BeWhys Marketing deploys industry-leading technology and marketing expertise to assist companies in developing demand generation programs, lead management process, and marketing automation strategies. Our goal is always to help you generate high quality leads and reduce the sales cycle to validate your marketing spend and ROI.

Demand Generation Programs

We help clients design campaign strategies and plan demand generation programs to move prospects through the entire lead lifecycle. Our demand gen expertise can help you identify your target audience and guide you through the lead management process to drive awareness and conversion, from acquisition to nurturing to analytics.

We offer strategy and planning, copy and design, ad placement and research, content development and reporting to help you understand the reach and results of your campaigns. Our approach allows us to help you obtain and manage sales-ready marketing qualified leads.

Lead Management & Process

Our objective is to help you successfully align sales and marketing teams on the definition of flow of leads, from top of funnel to closed-won or closed-lost, and help smooth the handoff between marketing and sales.

We work with you to analyze leads through SiriusDecisions’ demand generation waterfall and help you clearly define each stage of your pipeline funnel. That way, we can effectively execute campaigns to help qualify leads or nurture and recycle until leads are ready.

Marketing Automation

According to a recent VentureBeat report, 80 percent of companies that use marketing automation see an increase in the number of leads, and 77 percent see an increase in conversions.

Marketing automation helps enable the lead management process, by identifying leads that are actively engaged in the buying process. We can help you choose, implement, and operate the right marketing automation solution for your business.


The Leadership Team

With more than 100 years of combined experience, our dedicated team is ready to meet the marketing challenges facing your business head on. That means providing you with results-driven solutions for one-time or ongoing marketing projects.

Sue Hay

Sue Hay

Chief Executive Officer View Details
Rami Wazni

Rami Wazni

Vice President, Technical Services & Web Design View Details
Chelsea Iversen

Chelsea Iversen

Vice President, Content Marketing View Details
Jerine Erice

Jerine Erice

Vice President, Marketing Operations View Details
Rhys Ludlow

Rhys Ludlow

Vice President - Video and Social Media View Details
Dan Supinski

Dan Supinski

Vice President, Sales & Marketing Automation View Details
Sue Hay

Sue Hay

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of BeWhys Marketing, Inc., Sue is passionate about helping clients create and execute demand generation campaigns that deliver real results. She is dedicated to using the latest and most appropriate technologies and practices – from marketing automation to lead nurturing, lead scoring and building personas – to help companies cost-effectively achieve their vision, reach their goals and grow their business.

She also believes that marketing’s accountability within an organization should be the same level as sales or client services.

Sue founded BeWhys Marketing, Inc. in 2010 after selling Snowy River Marketing, Inc., a company she founded and led for 13 years. At Snowy River, she helped create and execute a variety of revenue-growing online marketing services for companies from start-ups like Brodia and Talk City major multi-national enterprises like Ariba, Cisco Systems and Yahoo.

In her professional career, Sue has had experience in nearly every aspect of corporate marketing and communications, including event management and planning, channel marketing, corporate communications and public relations.

She is a skillful problem solver and strategic thinker. Her strengths include identifying critical gaps in a client’s lead management processes; the development of lead nurturing campaigns that deliver relevant content and calls to action to the target audience; and project management, execution and analysis.

Sue was born in Australia and has dual citizenship in the United States, where she has resided for the past 20 years. Before moving to the U.S., she led the Asia-Pacific region marketing communications efforts for the government of Ontario, Canada, in Japan. In Australia, she was a member of the Apple Australia marketing team and played an integral role in the company’s growth.

Rami Wazni

Rami Wazni

Vice President, Technical Services & Web Design

Before joining BeWhys Marketing, Rami was at SITSCorp – an IT Consulting Firm, where he was Regional Director, managing the sales and product development team for Northern California. Rami also founded Inikosoft and ClearLeads Marketing Solutions. ClearLeads handles marketing campaigns for over 1,000 real estate agents through both traditional and innovative online and offline tactics. Rami began his successful career in the technology industry as the first employee and initial team member for eWanted, Inc., the Internet’s first reverse auction website with over 1 million users.

Chelsea Iversen

Chelsea Iversen

Vice President, Content Marketing

As a marketing and writing professional, Chelsea is directly responsible for developing strategy and executing content marketing campaigns for clients.

She has run one-off and end-to-end content marketing projects and web copy projects for dozens of businesses. Her aim is to consistently help companies improve their online presence through SEO-focused content and copy strategies as well as professional-grade website project management.

Chelsea has written and managed content and copy projects for all types of clients—from top technology companies to small, local businesses. Regardless of the client, her philosophy and approach remain constant: always keep the target audience at the forefront of every content marketing and web copy campaign.

With BeWhys Marketing, she provides clients with the content strategy, SEO-ready web copy, marketing collateral, campaign management and web analysis they need to maintain a high level of engagement in an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

Jerine Erice

Jerine Erice

Vice President, Marketing Operations

Jerine Erice is an accomplished marketing professional with over a decade of marketing operations experience in a variety of industries including high tech, financial and medical sectors. Her expertise lies in marketing automation and CRM administration with an emphasis on Marketo, Hubspot and She has built a strong technical background through positions with Solta Medical, Inverness Real Estate Investments, Thomson Reuters and Good Technology. Jerine excels in application implementation, building and executing customer loyalty, lead nurturing, and lead generation campaigns as well as dashboard KPI reporting and lead flow management.

Rhys Ludlow

Rhys Ludlow

Vice President - Video and Social Media
Dan Supinski

Dan Supinski

Vice President, Sales & Marketing Automation

Dan has a decade of agency experience focused in the B2B and B2C technology industry. He specializes in marketing automation platforms (Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Hudbspot), CRM systems (, MS Dynamics, CRM On Demand) and business processes.

He has designed demand generation, lead management processes, sales funnels, and marketing campaigns for both startups and billion dollar companies. His approach is to apply simple, practical, and effective models that are easy to use and grow with.


Our Services

Demand Generation

Together, we drive demand for your products and services. We identify marketing qualified leads through the development and implementation of targeted and integrated demand gen campaigns.

Lead Management

We help you develop an effective lead management process, and we do that throughout the entire marketing and sales funnel—whether you’re dealing with new leads or an extremely complex multi-channel system.

Marketing Automation

Automation reduces the time it takes to understand results and helps you communicate with your prospects in a more strategic and systematized manor. We nurture your leads at all times, while lead scoring helps you better qualify your leads.

Content Strategy

We help you find the right tools to address the challenges you’re facing so you can grow your business in a highly strategic and educated manor—including marketing tool selection, marketing attribution, account-based marketing, and data deduplication and cleansing.

Content Mapping & Development

We help you better understand the personas and buying cycles of your prospects through a content gap analysis based on individual personas and the buying cycle. We identify the holes and help you fill them with infographics, video, ebooks or webinars—whatever you need, we can help you generate that content.


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