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Social Networking with Purpose


Ask any seasoned salesman and he will tell you that selling is all about relationships. Cultivating relationships with potential and current customers establishes trust, preference and loyalty. The belief is: the better the relationships, the better the sales.

In today's marketing environment, one of the most efficient and effective avenues for cultivating relationships is online social networking. Social networking through social media sites and online communities enables constant contact with your customers and prospects.

Why Social Networking

The benefits of social networking far outweigh the time required to maintain and participate in the act itself. Companies that use social networking enjoy increased exposure, customer retention and lead conversions. In addition, social networking produces the following results:

  • Encourages feedback and discussion
  • Maintains a positive brand and reputation
  • Increases your company's reach
  • Generates "buzz" and demand
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Breeds unsolicited testimonials

Social Networking with BeWhys

Today, there are hundreds of social networking sites and mediums in which your company could participate. The list can be quite daunting at first. BeWhys Marketing's social networking experts can help you develop the right mix of social networking tools and techniques to effectively reach and engage your target audience.

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