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Marketing Automation – What is all the hype about?


You’ve heard the hype regarding marketing automation, but what’s it really all about?  Here are a few insights to give you a better idea of how a marketing automation program can affect your business.

You have approximately 15 seconds to capture a prospect’s attention and decide to enter your sales funnel. Sources say, companies that have implemented marketing automation tools see, on average, a 49% increase in conversion rates and reduce the cost of leads by 50% over time. Marketing automation tools can tell you who’s seen your site, how long they were there, and provide you with a plethora of valuable data on each visitor. Nurturing campaigns keep those who aren’t yet ready to buy actively engaged in the sales funnel, until they become a highly qualified lead provided to sales.

Only when proper skills and processes are wrapped around technology will meaningful results be realized. BeWhys Marketing can assist you in choosing the right marketing automation solution for your unique needs, from initial selection through implementation and analytics.

Marketing automation solutions can improve your business profits by filtering leads from a variety of sources, and pushing the higher quality leads with a genuine interest in your products and services to your sales team faster. Additionally, marketing automation solutions track detailed data on your visitors, including who is accessing your site and what they are most interested in. These automated tools also provide cash-to-revenue reporting and other analytics to measure your ROI.

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