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Lead Tracking from Opportunity to Customer


Which came first the lead or the sale? There isn't a question right. Every sale (or customer) started out as a lead. Period. While this is true, it doesnt necessarily mean that every lead will end up a sale. These two simple facts are the basis for the two golden objectives of a strategic lead program: generate and convert leads.

However, the shortest distance from point A and point B isn't always a straight line. Tracking your leads from the source to the sale is key to a successful lead program. By tracking where leads come from through campaign analysis and reports, your company is able to determine where the most and best leads come from… and, thus, get more leads.

Management of leads involves a process of nurturing leads, scoring those leads, nurturing those leads some more and, then, distributing qualified leads to sales. Knowing where your leads are within the sales pipeline at any given moment enables your company to effectively gauge resources and assess touch points. Focusing your messaging, segmenting and augmenting your marketing database as well as honing your technique, all contribute to turning more leads into opportunities and more opportunities into customers.

Successful Lead Programs with BeWhys

BeWhys Marketing specializes in developing strategic Lead Programs to fit your company's size and budget. We've got you (and your leads) covered from source to sale:

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