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White Papers

Nurture Marketing

    Nurture Marketing for Dummies
    Are your marketing efforts maximizing the return on investment from its lead generation?

    While Nurture Marketing isn't a new concept, it certainly has flown under the radar in B2B Marketing. Understanding the subtle nuances of Nurture Marketing can be a daunting task for anyone who wants to stay ahead of their competition. It takes seasoned Marketers to really be able to maximize the benefits of nurturing leads. With the growing uses of technology in marketing, marketing automation is giving Marketers the tools and capabilities to develop and execute nurture campaigns easily. The technology has given us the tools, this book is going to give us the know how to use them.

    Discover how to:

    • Create a nurture plan with step-by-step instructions
    • Master the fundamentals of nurture marketing
    • Apply nurture marketing best practices in the real world
    • Engage in social media as part of your nurture marketing strategies
    • Take advantage of marketing automation in nurturing leads

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Marketing Automation

    10 Steps to Automate B2B Marketing
    This white paper covers 10 of the most important steps companies to effectively automate their marketing. Outlined in a phased approach with check lists along each step of the way, it provides a comprehensive roadmap to ensure successful automation.
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    Marketing Automation Tool Comparison Charts
    How do you decide which marketing automation solution is best for your particular marketing needs, especially when there seem to be so many on the market – and they all tell you that they are easy to use? BeWhys Marketing has tried to answer some of those questions for you. Click here and you’ll find a list of marketing automation tool vendors that we’re following today.

    5 Fast Payoffs From Investing in a Marketing Automation Solution – A DemandGen Report
    Sponsored by Manticore Technology, PRM and BeWhys Marketing Click here

Search Engine Optimization

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