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Data Capture and Information Gathering (some vendors call it progressive profiling) is a quid pro quo process in which you exchange additional website content or features with a lead that provides more information about himself in return.

Too often, potential leads are faced with a lengthy form to get the resources they desire. Instead, a visitor to your site might, for example enter only his name and email address to download a whitepaper. On his next visit, more relevant data is collected (i.e. a contact phone number, an estimate on how soon they plan to purchase, etc.) before he can view a webinar. As he “progresses,” your company captures more data , scores the lead progressively higher and then delivers a qualified lead to sales.

Data Capture & Progress Profiling Services

BeWhys realizes less is more and, through use of effective Data Capture, we can entice your leads to move deeper into your sales funnel in measured ways with proven results.

Our services include:

  • Developing the lead management process
  • Understanding the buyers cycle and mapping it to the capture flow
  • Setting up lead forms
  • Assisting in progressive profiling process
  • Establishing workflows
  • Guiding through lead scoring
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